The London Mission Collective is a growing network of churches and Christian organisations working together to bring the message of Christ to London in authentic and compelling ways. The collective is being led by SJI and Sublime with the backing of the number of charities including Urban Saints and Scripture Union.

The Collective exists to:

  • resource the vision of local churches with both central training and support in situ to develop sustainable rhythms of mission in their locality. This will be based upon the SJI Rhythm of Mission.
  • co-ordinate prayer initiatives across the London boroughs.
  • capitalise on ‘big splash’ opportunities at key calendar moments (such as Pentecost and Live Up!).
  • act as a landing point for possible future initiatives (such as ‘More than Gold’).

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Walk the Walls

19th-25th July

Walk all 33 Boroughs, praying for London with a range of prayer getharings throughout the week!

Live Up! Tour

October/ November

We are currently planning a range of outreach events for the Autumn. One of the opportunities on offer at this time is ‘The story we find ourselves in…’


The London Mission Collecrive is a relational network. We would love to connect with groups of churches in London to explore mission opportunities together. If you would like to meet for coffee, then email and we’ll get something in the diary.