As speakers for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) often times at youth events we can find ourselves faced with very serious issues. Recently, I was speaking at a high school on the topic of sexuality. After the talk and Q&A were over, I stayed to talk to students one-on-one. There was a young man waiting patiently for me to finish talking to others. Eventually, we got to talk. He asked me three obscure questions at first. I didn’t want to push him, but I sensed that he really had come to talk to me because of a personal matter.

He finally revealed why he really cam to talk to me. ‘I have another question,’ he said, pausing. ‘Do you think God could love me if I have habitual sin?’ There it was. He began to confess that he’s never experienced of know God’s love. He said, ‘All I’ve ever known is that I should stop sinning so that God would love me.’

I told him one of the reasons why Christianity can be difficult is because grace is unnatural to our humanity. I told him, ‘You’ve got to see that you can’t perform to get love. You’ve got to see Christ as more beautiful and a greater treasure than anything else. Grace has to truly amaze you, or you won’t have a shot at knowing God’s transformative love.’

At this point, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, ‘I want that. Please, could you pray for me?’ As we prayed, he received, for the first time, the power of God’s grace over his life. Moralistic Christianity had only shackled him. It delivered no beauty, no delight, only begrudging behaviour modification. I pray that as we continue to hearlad the true gospel, more and more youth will rise up to be courageous, grace-addicted, Christ followers, so that the world would see Jesus is worthy.

The RZIM Zacharias Trust is part of a global organisation with a vision to help the thinker believer and the believer think. They are hosting a week-long series of events, ‘Rethink Jesus London 2020′ to address Londoners’ heartfelt questions and concerns about faith while exploring the relevance of Jesus Christ to our 21st-century lives. 15-22 November 2020 – save the dates!