The whole church is called to witness to Jesus Christ and what He has done – the Bible makes that clear. The Bible also makes is clear that there are those whom God has particularly gifted to fulfil the role of evangelist within the church (Ephesians 4:11).

That role is two-fold: to ‘equip the saints’ to become better at sharing their faith, and to win the lost for Christ, whether in one on one situations, or through large gospel campaigns. The work of evangelist is to preach and proclaim the gospel.

The church has a role to play in allowing and helping the ministry of an evangelist to flourish and grow. Here are five ways the church as a whole and individual Christians can help and engage with those called to be evangelists:

If you know an evangelist, do you pray for them? If you don’t know one, then maybe get to know one! When you’ve found one, maybe you could sign up to receive their prayer news?

We all like to be encouraged. Ministry can sometimes be a lonely path. It can make all the difference to receive a word of encouragement. Take a moment and drop a word of encouragement to an evangelist you know to encourage them to keep going.

Could you support their ministry by telling others about it? Invite your friends to check out their website and follow/like their social media feeds.

The gospel is free, but doing ministry isn’t! You could give a financial gift to support their ministry by giving either a one off or better still a monthly financial gift.

If you are in church leadership, invite an evangelist to come and speak at an outreach event or hold a series of meetings to encourage the church in evangelism.

Are you an evangelist? As part of Advance 2020, Steve Mullins and the LMC are bringing together evangelists from across the capital to encourage and learn from one another. Check out the info at