Toddler group come in all shapes and sizes and meet in churches, schools, community centres and more! In Daniel’s Den, we welcome over 300 families each year, coming from around 45 different nationalities. Our aim is for them to experience the love of Jesus in a language they understand, using their five senses. In the past year, we have had the privilege of seeing this happen in a variety of ways.

Florence was a young mum with a two-year old daughter who’d been ‘dumped’ in bed and breakfast accommodation in Wembley, with no recourse to public funds. We were told about her by the Salvation Army and we instantly knew where she lived as we’d been praying for that street and that accommodation. We made contact and within 24 hours bags of food, nappies, toiletries and kitchen equipment were donated by friends of Daniel’s Den. We took this round to the bed and breakfast and tears of joy and thankfulness were shed by Florence, who’d been living on bread for two weeks. Within days, Florence and her daughter were part of a Daniel’s Den family and they felt loved and accepted. We were able to get them help and they now have their own little flat.

Bev began volunteering for Daniel’s Den a couple of years ago. She had been looking after her sick mum for years and when her mum died, the grief was very intense. Bev felt unable to work yet wanted to do something. When she heard about Daniel’s Den she came along and over time, her confidence has grown. She has just got a part time job as an administrator, having volunteered in our office every Monday morning. She’s so glad it’s part time and she can still come to help in our toddler group on a Friday.

These two short stories are the tip of the iceberg. There will be a toddler group down your street or in your church offering similar experiences. Oftentimes what they do is taken for granted, yet their impact can be life changing.

Daniel’s Den is a charity running several London toddler groups and other activities as well as The London Network of Parent and Toddler Groups, a support network for the teams who run these groups. They have an annual London Prayer Marathon in June plus conferences and training events.