In Clerkenwell, a diverse and historic part of London, the church family at Inspire St James is seeing God at work. Members of the church family have intentionally moved onto local estates and are busy sharing the gospel with their neighbours and friends.


Keri Lim, a missionary with London City Mission, is working with both staff and members of the church family to help them with their evangelism. Supported and encouraged by Pete Nicholas and Mark Jackson, co-ministers at Inspire St James, Keri goes door-to-door with volunteers from the church, meeting people on the estates – most of whom do not know Jesus. She is also involved in a number of ministries that the church runs to serve the local community.

These ministries are aimed at everyone – particularly those who might not easily ‘fit’ with traditional church outreach. One story Keri shares demonstrates this beautifully:

‘Last year I met a lady – she invited me and Jill in for a cup of tea. She came along to a community event and started coming along to a small group, investigating what the Bible says. As she’s explored the Bible, we’ve seen some amazing changes in her life. For example, she now doesn’t wear her hijab, because she doesn’t think she need to any more. Please pray for her as she explores the freedom that only Jesus can bring!’


Over a dozen nationalities come along to free English classes that the church runs, often connecting online before coming to a weekly group where they go through an evangelistic course called ‘The World We All Want’ which looks at the whole Bible story. There’s a football club run for local kids, a community choir, as well as a music group for 0-3 year olds. Often people’s journey towards Jesus starts with an invite on the doors to one of these gatherings, and they get gradually drawn towards the God who motivates us to love others.


This kind of ministry takes time, commitment and the whole of God’s family. Keri is helping to empower and equip the church to keep doing this vital ministry over the long term. This is something else she’s particularly passionate about:

‘We’ve done two mission Sundays, with the whole church getting commissioned together, because it is about mission-mindedness, it’s not about me. On one estate, three church households (a mix of traditional families and housemates together serving God) have moved in to the area and started to share the gospel, seeking to knock on every door three times a year and follow up on what God is doing. This kind of mission allows me to focus on other estates, as I continue to equip the church family to do the work – continuing the sowing of the gospel into the hearts, minds and homes of the people of Clerkenwell and Old Street.’


London City Mission’s passion is to partner with the church to share Jesus with those who are least likely to hear about Him. If you are thinking and praying about how you and your church can raech out in your local area, we’d love to connect with you. Why not come along to one of our Practical Evangelism Training Days where we will be sharing some top tips and ideas for door-to-door ministry. We’d love to have you join us! Visit for more details and to sign up.

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