The Mission of Jesus is clearly explained in Luke 19:10, “The son of man came to seek and to save the lost.’ A brief reading of the gospels immediately reveals that Jesus spent His time beyond the walls of a building and that He was driven by a deep compassion for ‘the lost, the last and the least.’

Jesus’ mission continues today and the purpose of the church is to join Him in His mission and, driven by compassion, to make disciples of people who are ‘beyond the walls.’ Tragically many churches and Christians lack this deep compassion for the lost and are not joining Jesus in His mission ‘beyond the walls.’

We need an awakening!

The Rooftop is a movement that is seeking to awaken and equip the church to effectively join Jesus in His mission in a world where more and more people have no connection with the church.

In Acts chapter 10, Peter went to a rooftop to pray and had a paradigm-shifting encounter with God which led to a global disciple-making movement. based upon this pivotal moment, The Rooftop is drawing Christians together in cities across the world and taking them to rooftops, to look across the city and ask Jesus how they can join Him in His mission. Following the rooftop encounter, Christians are equipped to make disciples of people who are beyond the walls of the church.

As part of this global movement, Rooftop Encounters will be taking place across London in the years ahead.

The Rooftop is a global movment that invites chruches and individuals to join Jesus in His mission – ‘to seek and to save what was lost.’ To find out more about how you can connect with The Rooftop Encounters in London, please email us at or visit our website