KICK’s mission is to transform young people’s lives, with God’s love, through sport and support. We work with 12,292 young people a week, in 28 boroughs delivering PE, Street Dance, Mentoring and Chaplaincy in 70 schools and working with 24 church-based KICK Academies. Today, I want to share with you a testimony of God’s grace from earlier this year. 

When the Covid-19 outbreak exploded in March, I was reading Psalm 121:1-2 and I knew God gave it to me – 

I lift up my eyes to the mountains –
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,

    the Maker of heaven and earth. 

So, when Boris Johnson announced that all the Schools were closing “for the foreseeable future”. We thought, ‘oh no’. We have 3.5 months reserves but not 6 months. Maybe this is the end of KICK? As it sank in, we knew we needed to speak with all 70 Headteachers and level with them. I have never been more nervous. But I kept running Psalm 121:1-2 through my head and my heart. We rang 70 Headteachers as a last hope, levelled with them and said, “Please stand by us”. We were blown away by the feedback and by how much they loved KICK. As the LORD would have it, that Friday morning at midnight – the Government had informed schools they had to set up Key Worker Schools. Instead of dropping KICK, these Headteachers were delighted we’d rung, so that we could run their Key Worker provision for them. 

During this entire crisis we miraculously continued to work in 58 of our 71 schools; whilst all the schools were supposed to have been shut. We have delivered Key Worker School education – through sport, dance and chaplaincy on site to Key Worker children to enable their parents to go out and save lives. We were able to deliver Remote Mentoring and Chaplaincy – offering sessions online to engage those most at risk dealing with issues such as – Dealing with anxiety; Maintaining positive thinking; Contributing an active part in home life; Keeping good routine and structure; and Providing purpose and stimulation throughout the day. 

We lifted our eyes up to the mountains and our help came from the LORD. He was not asleep or slumbering but was there for us, watching over and keeping us from harm.

God wants to walk with you and He wants you to walk with Him.