“The harvest is ripe but the labourers are few.” (Luke 10:2) This verse gives us the insight that we can pray for a harvest and harvest can come but the issue is with the labourers.

In recent times we have seen a large harvest through our outreaches and festivities but we recognise that it is of a specific kind. The harvest is of those very much stigmatised in our society. This is a harvest that many are not comfortable with – gang members, ex-offenders, drug dealers, expelled students and others – those who frown upon when reported in the news. We are reaping a harvest of migrants and the extremely poor, often referred to in the media as the “underclass”.

As churches in our communities we are realising it is not enough to have a church experience and step out presumptuously showing the world “what’s what”.
We have had to love, live, adapt and bring God’s kingdom to those in need in our society.

We have had to walk alongside released prisoners and help with their resettlement as well as bring them the gospel in demonstration at the same time.
We have had to become a cover to disrespected migrants who live in substandard conditions because they don’t have access to facilities. There have been times where we have had to sit and interact with gangs as they blow fumes of intoxicating substances in our faces. Times where we have had to be fathers and mothers to those who have no parent figures.

Jesus told the Pharisees that He came not for those “who thought they were well” but for those who needed healing. This is now very apparent in what we are seeing today in our areas.

Indeed, this harvest should not to be taken lightly. We are now realising this is the harvest for which labourers are needed and we are joyful, as well as fervent in prayer, asking for more harvest and more effective reapers.

It is time to rise up as labourers who love and connect with the harvest in our communities.

Are you up for the challenge?