London is a large city with such diverse needs it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. We all have, I’m sure, long lists of things that we want to pray for in London, so rather than add more to your list, let’s think how we should approach them.

Firstly, pause and ask God how to pray. The disciple’s question ‘Lord teach us to pray’ still applies. London faces huge issues and it is easy to feel that our prayers fail to do them justice, yet he says that the Holy Spirit will help us in our weakness (Romans 8:26). Before you dive into praying for the first item on your list, pause and ask God to lead your prayers – He’ll show you how to pray.

As London has faced an awful increase in violence, the church has responded, recognising that it has a responsibility to act. Prayer is a primary way to outwardly exercise the responsibility we have for our city. Prayer walking is a great way to take responsibility and exercise our authority one street at a time. Adopt a street this year, be responsible for it, use your authority in prayer to change it and see what God does.

Love should always underpin our prayers. It is the love of Jesus that causes us to spend our lives to see a city transformed. Allow time for God to show you His heart of love for London. Don’t let your fear or anxiety motivate you prayer, let prayer flow from an understanding of God’s heart of love.

God’s love also compels us to action. We can’t pray for salvation and then not share the Good News with our neighbour. The prayer of faith leads to action. Mission and prayer are partners that together release the power of the Gospel. What activity can you do in response to your own prayer?

There are a variety of approaches to prayer here for us to consider. Which of these are you most comfortable with? Look at your prayer list for London and ask Him to expand your express of prayer for London this year.

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