Through our local Mahabba group we have been steadily encouraging Christians to build friendships with their Muslim neighbours. Recently we hosted an event at our church to invite these friends to. 85 people attended, about half of those being people of other faith backgrounds invited by their Christian friends.

We started with an informal icebreaker quiz and then shared a halal meal we had preapred. There was a great atmosphere as people talked and interacted together from the beginning to the end. Many good connections and conversations were made thorughout.

We then gave a presentation comprising of a musical performance followed by a Bible reading, the Father’s Love Letter video, and the gospel message of hope appropriate to people of other faiths. We were careful not to comment on Islam at all, we simply presented what we believe in a loving way. The presentation kept everyone listening attentively. One Muslim lady planned to leave at 9pm but didn’t go as she didn’t want to disturb the powerful gospel message.

After the presentation we invited people to come to the healing banner for prayer and many came forward. Before that we led a short prayer from the front that people could join in silently if they wished.

One Muslim lady had come straight from A&E – her foot was blue and painful to walk on. She sat on a chair with two ladies praying for her. The pain left her foot and she was able to bounce on it. Her foot was a normal colour again. She was visibly moved, wiping her eyes often as we prayed. Nearly everyone stayed to chat for at least another half hour.

At the end of the evening we gave out gift bags, which included New Testaments, ‘Jesus Through Asian Eyes,’ a card pointing to the Jesus-Islam website, ‘The Father’s Love Letter’, a card saying ‘You are loved’ and some sweets, which were gladly received by our guests. Now the follow-up begins through the Christians who brought their friends.

Mahabba (which means love) helps everyday Christians share Jesus with Muslims through prayer, care and understanding. Visit our website for more information.