The London Mission Collective is a developing family of organisations and unity groups with a passion to join God in His mission across London.

We exist to:
To help resource leaders and churches in mission across London.
To catalyse a missional culture across the capital.
To help foster church unity across the city.

Connect with what God’s doing across the city…

Ekklesia, Church Leaders Conference

The Briefing 2022

Pray London

The story so far…

Over the last 20 years there have been a number of significant city wide events such as Soul in the City, The Global Day of Prayer, Pentecost Festival, More than Gold, Crossing London and Just One to name a few!

On the back of Crossing London, some key relationships have been built across organisations and church leaders and it was felt important to maintain these relationships rather than having to re-build them every time something significant is planned for the city. The London Mission Collective is the hub around which these collaborative relationships are maintained.

  1. We are London focussed.
  2. We are passionate about sharing Jesus in word and deed.
  3. We are committed to working together in partnership.

The London Mission Collective is underwritten by Share Jesus International  and accountable to the charity Trustees.


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Calling all you Kingdom entrepreneurs

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Derek’s story

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