Easter is arguably the most important time in the church calendar, remembering what many consider to be the greatest act of kindness. sharethemiracle is an easy way to connect with those in the local community at Easter – whether you’re a church, a Christian Union, Bible study group or a work-placed group.

It’s a simple initiative which everyone in your church or group can get involved in together. Each person is encouraged to give a chocolate egg as an act of kindness and to extend an invitation to build your church or group community; then tell us what happened in order to encourage and inspire others to get involved too!

Members could give Easter eggs and invitations individually to friends, family, colleagues, commuters, shoppers and neighbours, or you may choose to distribute them to people in need in the local area (e.g. homeless, elderly or those unwell in hospital).

The most obvious event to invite people to is an Easter service, but this could equally be a coffee morning for your neighbours so you can just get to know them or a concert you’re arranging, a movie night, a quiz or even an Easter bake-off! Alternatively, you may offer to read for an elderly person or visit someone who’s unwell.

Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church has run sharethemiracle for the past two years. In 2014, members purchased 500 chocolate eggs from a local supermarket for £1 each and gave them away along with personal invitations to their Easter service. They split into groups engaging neighbours, local shopkeepers and people in the street. The church found this to be a simple, fun and inclusive tool that allowed members of all ages to reach out into the community together. So much so that in 2015 they did the same with 1000 eggs and invitations!

For more information about sharethemiracle and how you can get involved this Easter check out sharethemiracle.org or email info@sharethemiracle.org.