Rethink Jesus

The London Mission Collective are thrilled to be supporting RZIM’s Rethink Jesus project in 2020.

The primary aim of Rethink Jesus London 2020 is to affect a positive culture shift in London towards Jesus Christ by prompting people who have hitherto actively or passively dismissed Christianity to thoughtfully reflect on and hopefully re-evaluate their beliefs about Jesus.
The vision is to deliver a high-visibility and high-quality media campaign creating a buzz in London such that it gets Londoners, who would otherwise be ambivalent or dismissive towards Christianity, thinking and talking about Jesus.

The media campaign would culminate in a week of evangelism that includes five weekday evening evangelistic talks (undergirded by thoughtful and winsome apologetics) hosted by multiple historically significant churches in the heart of London.

The week of evangelism (16-22 November 2020), under the branding of ‘Rethink Jesus’, would be hosted by a number of churches in the heart of London, each responsible for hosting an evangelistic talk on one day of the week, advertising that talk throughout their congregational network, and encouraging their congregation to become involved in evangelism for that day. Hosting the evangelistic talks at multiple historically significant churches would give expression to the spiritual idea or picture of multiple beacons lighting up across the heart of London.