Church Leader Round Tables

For church leaders looking to build, innovate & thrive

Establish lasting relationships and have meaningful conversations that empower your ministry and elevate your leadership.


‘I love the C3 Roundtables because they facilitate candid & practical conversations that can and will help your church grow, if applied.’

Andy Gray | City Hill

‘C3 is a great forum for leaders to learn and grow together. It has been encouraging to see leaders developing ideas together that impact both local congregations and communities across London.’

Sarah Grimshaw | Methodist Circuit

Creative Content

 The roundtables are a space to pool our resources to maximise our mission. In London, Leaders have worked collaboratively on sermon series such as ‘What would Jesus say to…’ exploring how Christ would interact with celebrities from todays culture.

The Background

These roundtables were  birthed out of c3 globals desire to help other churches in their mission to reach people with the message of Jesus. We are a relational network of church leaders from different denominations and streams who gather regularly to share together, support each other and push each other to fulfil the vision God has given us to reach the UK.

‘I have found C3 roundtables a very useful stream of creative ideas for church leadership. The content has been practical and challenging. As a local church we’ve benefited hugely from the shared preaching series in the last 2 years, with it’s creative promotional material and collaborative preparation of messages.’

Andrew Holmes | Every Nation London

“C3 roundtable sessions provide teaching input and the opportunity to meet and share with other church leaders. I have found it a great place to bounce ideas around and learn from others. It is a blessing and encouragement for me, and my church has been strengthened as I have take back ideas and implemented them.

Dave Simms | South Chingford Congregational Church