To help foster church unity across the city.

As the Collective, we believe that no one organisation or stream of churches can transform the city. There needs to be collaboration and unity across the Church.

To bring about a greater sense of unity we bring together different groups twice a year to update each other on what we are all doing and on what we think God is doing. This is also a space for new relationships to form and new initiatives to be pioneered.

As a Collective, 20+ London mission organisations connect twice a year. If you represent a missional organisation and work in London and would like to be a part of these gatherings, then email us here.

We also bring together a number of the London Borough Church Unity groups twice a year. Linking with what God is doing nationally through Gather, these gatherings explore how churches can better collaborate to make an impact in their community.

The Collective is also fully supportive of the Pray London initiative, having played an active role in bringing the Church together to pray intentionally about significant issues facing the Capital.