IMG_4982Early on the morning of Friday, 20th November 2015, as the sun rose over the Thames, more than 100 Christian leaders from across London made their way to The Shard to pray over the city. The event started with worship on the 68th floor of this iconic building, led by gifted worship leaders, Noel Robinson and Luke Hamlyn. The morning continued with corporate prayer before everyone moved up to the 72nd floor, the highest accessible floor of The Shard, where the leaders prayed for London whilst looking out in each direction across the city from the four corners of the building.

The event was the result of the coming together of four people who shared a common vision to hold a prayer event from the very top of London’s tallest building. The four-strong team comprised of Darren Street, Baptist minister, Jacqueline Malcolm, event strategist, Dennis Pethers, international pioneer and founder of “The Rooftop”, and Andy Frost, Director of Share Jesus International.

While those present enjoyed seeing London from this unique vantage point, they were also challenged to view the city from a different spiritual perspective – to see the city as God sees it. This challenge was rooted in scripture, both from Jonah and Acts, where God challenged the way Jonah viewed the city of Nineveh and where Peter’s rooftop vision changed his worldview. The team also noted the place of mountains in scripture – frequently places where God spoke significantly to his people. It was the hope of the team that, as people stood 800ft (243m) above London, God would speak significantly about his heart for the city surrounding them.

Many people commented on how inspiring the event was and we are certain, in the months and years to come, we will see a variety of fruit from this initiative. When you view London from The Shard you can see how big the city is and if one thing became clear as we prayed, it is how big God’s heart is for this great city.